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Congratulations on your new home, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly!!

His testimony:

Life is so short and all so sweet and sometimes you just have to be made to realize it. When the big C comes knocking and your eyes are opened to what really matters in life , you do some fast evaluations of what’s really important and that that’s irrelevant.

For me what was most important was to make sure that I could fill as many future days as possible with a smile on my face. What was irrelevant was continuing to give energy to things that wouldn’t make a difference in my “what’s really important”.

In 2016 I had met a young lady who’s energy moved me in a way that was both refreshing and captivating. I had attempted to pursue a relationship but the distance put doubt in her mind about my intentions and sincerity.

In 2017 after eye opening revelations from both my career path and a definite heath scare, I redirected my energy back towards the long distance relationship that had sparked my spirit.

I was able to convince her to join me on three more dates and give it another look see. I myself wanted to see if our previous date was just my imagination (I knew it wasn’t) but more importantly, I wanted her to be open to feeling what I had felt during that first date.

She was intrigued after that 2nd first date and was all but convinced by the third date. By our fifth date we were in the orient for 13 days realizing that we just may want to be together forever.

In 2018 we forged an undeniable and impenetrable bond with one another. It was also the year I was blessed to be able to retire after 31 years (11 USAF + 20 DOT/FAA)of federal service allowing me to relocate to wherever she wanted to be.

2019 brought an engagement followed by a beautiful wedding and nuptials! We recently moved into our lovely new home together and are well on our way to making each other “Happy-er” for life!

It is a beautiful day outside on this Veterans Day and I am thankful for my path that brought me to this point of being the happiest man on the planet!


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