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Such A Happy Client

Here is her story:

She contacted me and shared that her mother was terminally ill with cancer and she wanted to have a home so her mother could visit her and rest in peace. Initially, she had a lot of apprehension and fear with the home buying process because she stated, "I rarely get anything I want and I do so much for others; I don't expect to get a house." After working together for a few months and losing offers on several homes, late one evening she called and broke down and cried like a baby. My heart went out to her because this young lady often works 18 hours a day, cares for her mom, drives several days to SC to take her to the doctor, so I did my best to comfort her on that late night call and I reassured her that she WOULD become a homeowner. She would call me every couple of days always doubting (often in tears) and I always had a message for her...every blessing doesn't always come easy. Well, I am so emotionally overjoyed to announce: Ms. Kiki Hemphill has her keys and is a proud homeowner! Congratulations to her and this is just the beginning of many blessings to come.

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